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We believe in honesty, perseverance and the power of creative thinking carried out through rigor. We are here to reveal web solutions that push the Internet forward.

  • Pomodoro Crate

    Agile time management software based on the Pomodoro Technique.

    An original Reveloper product and our take on automating the Pomodoro Technique workflow.

  • Medicover

    Your personal online doctor

    With a new cheerful and playful design, a new structure and a new content, Medicover is preparing to change the way we think about our health and the medical services. The upcoming website is targeting the dynamic, busy and informed customer, with easy to understand medical information, news, events and advices.

  • NearBy Hotels

    Location based, mobile hotel bookings

    Did you get there just to find that the hotel you booked is not exactly what was advertised? Or maybe your flight was delayed a you need a good hotel near the airport? Whatever the reason, you can find the best offers in your area, check out the reviews and book the one you like. Best prices guaranteed!


Revealing web solutions that grow business

  • Rapid, cost efficient web development

    Blazing fast, rock solid web sites

    We develop high performance, fast, secure and highly available web sites - to assist you in connecting with your market and in converting visitors into loyal customers. We have streamlined our workflow to rapidly deliver cost efficient, business critical web sites and applications. Using free and OpenSource technologies, like PHP, MySQL and Apache, or Ruby on Rails. Continue reading

  • Delightful user interfaces

    Engaging user experiences

    To efficiently deliver your information and interact with the visitors, we use modern techniques (like HTML 5 and CSS 3 with JavaScript) to develop engaging user experiences. This way we help your customers and your potential clients easily find what they need while enjoying every minute on your site. Regardless of browser, device or operating system. Continue reading

  • Business critical customer service

    Out of this world support

    The corporate website becomes an integral part of the company's functional workflow, serving as an active platform for marketing, sales, client service, recruiting and more. That's why we want to make sure you get maximum from your website with live support via telephone, SMS, Skype and IM and 7 days per week email support. Continue reading

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A quick preview of our latest projects

  • Internetics


    The 10th anniversary edition of Internetics - the most prestigious national festival for on-line branding, marketing and advertising. Continue reading

  • Rama – About Rama

    Rama – About Rama

    The most informative resource regarding margarine - from its history, production, ingredients, its role in a healthy diet and the Rama line of products. Continue reading

  • Ador


    ADOR is the only festival of the advertising Romanian industry that promotes and awards strategic and creative thinking throughout all communication environments. Continue reading

  • Tabarama


    TabaRama is an amazing place - a 10 day super-outdoor camp for your children where they will explore the world, learn new things and make lots and lots of new friends. Continue reading

  • Value Checker

    Value Checker

    Powerful sports odds checking and comparison platform, integrating live data from multiple sports and bookies. Including a friendly and flexible affiliation system. Continue reading

  • Auto 1 One

    Auto 1 One

    Problems with your car? No need to worry: just visit the Auto1One car repair shop - the all inclusive fit stop - and enjoy real F1 pilot treatment. Continue reading

  • World Cup odds

    World Cup odds

    The World Cup is the major sports event of the year - every four years. Find out all the details about the next edition and place your bets on the favorites! Continue reading

  • CaptainGo


    Check out the great accommodation offers and book your room now to take advantage of Captain's best prices. Hurry up, the reservations are live! Continue reading

Reveloper's Blog

Unobtrusive JavaScript prompt with Rails and jQuery

[If you know what's this all about, wanna skip the intro and jump straight to the code, go to The implementation] A couple of weeks ago, Grietje (thanks again!), a new Pomodoro Crate user at that time, wrote me about … Continue reading

To be trusted is the greatest compliment

  • I've known Adrian for 8 years now and I've always been impressed by his background: he has a university degree in Philosophy, he has done project management for on-line businesses, has moved on to programming and now is one of the best developers I've known. I feel great working with him because beyond his always-up-to-date coding skills, Adrian is a visionary business man and an excellent project manager. He understands business, he understand branding and he understand communication. What more could you ask from a developer?
    Catalin Rusu, Managing Partner, Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers
  • Adrian was one of the best project managers and colleagues that I have worked with. Besides his management abilities (communication skills, organized, motivated) he is a very strong character, being honest and committed to the objectives and tasks assigned to him. Willing to permanently improve his knowledge and to share from his experience, Adrian will be a great asset for any company and he will become for sure one of the most important members of the team.
    Victor Costache, Owner, Cratima
  • Adrian was a very important part in the development process of Captaingo. He effectively implemented the website's frontend - the user interface and the server side processes. Besides the actual coding, he has been very active offering technical solutions for achieving the desired results, always presenting the appropriate means for achieving our goals. He is a true professional, commited, honest and 100% trustworthy. I strongly recommend him!
    Lavi Marcu, Owner, CaptainGo
  • I am very glad that I had the chance to work with Adrian as he is a person you can count on and he works well under pressure. I have often assigned him heavy tasks and he managed to finish them successfully in the given time. He always came with improvements and good ideas for the working projects. Many times, I have asked for his opinion in searching for the proper technical solution as I trust his knowledge and his logical thinking
    Iulian Dobrea, Team Leader, MediaPro Interactiv
  • Although I didn't work with Adrian directly, judging by the feedback I received from the HR department and the members of his team, I can confirm that he stood out because of his enthusiasm and his efforts as a good colleague and a trustworthy person. That's why I recommend him for working with your company!
    Orlando Nicoara, General Manager, MediaPro Interactiv
  • I worked with Adrian at Cratima for about 8 months, but it was enough to remain good friends. Besides our beautiful collaboration, he's a very creative programmer, always with new and great ideas. As project manager I could admire his communication skills, experience and dedication. I hope we'll work together again.
    Alina Buciu, graphic designer, UPC